About TIA Meet-Up

TIA Meet-Up provides a global platform that brings together investors and market players to learn, share, engage and network with the goals of acquiring the required markets knowledge, unravel investment opportunities, insight into profit generating strategies, understanding platforms and tools needed in achieving desired investment goals.

At TIA Meet-Up you would gain insights into the sophisticated strategies necessary in today’s markets to achieve your investment goal.

The next TIA Meet-Up International Conference and Exhibition comes up in October, 2018 this would provide a chance to take a productive step back and look at the overall markets from a broader perspective. There is no better time or place to see what the best traders are doing, assess your methods, regain your focus and project for the year 2018 and beyond.

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Why You Should Attend


Learn what the pros are doing in the financial markets and how they are making the consistent and secured returns you so desire.


Engage pros and investors in interactive driven sessions on sophisticated strategies, tools and platforms necessary in today’s markets


Ask experts questions and exchange ideas with like-minded investors, analysts and traders.


Discover where the next investment opportunities are and how you can position yourself for maximum returns.


Network with top players in the industry and talk-shop your next big investor and clients

Conference Schedule

Conference Title: Investment Opportunities in an unstable economy
    Conference Title: Preserving Capital and Building Wealth in a Volatile Market through Fixed Income Investing
      Conference Title: Strategic investing with precision
        Conference Title: Talk shoping and finding your next big clients

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